Get Your Students Launched in the Next Entrepreneurship Course You Teach

Courses that launch student businesses by combining Lean Startup & e-Business methodologies. 

A Premium Educational Program for Student Entrepreneurs


BizLaunch University's e-Business for Entrepreneurs course provides educators and their students access to e-Business tools, training and techniques that professional, successful entrepreneurs use today. Instructors that sign up for this program are enabling their students to successfully launch and test their lean business models. Guaranteed.

When you add e-Business for Entrepreneurs to your classroom, you give your students


 • Skills for mastering Lean Startup techniques

• Expertise on widely used tools for online entrepreneurship

• Skills that reduce risk and increase success for entrepreneurs 

 • Serial Entrepreneurship Skills for launching and testing business models over time

Customizable. Flexible. Expertly Designed.

On-demand lectures and videos

Easily stream video lessons into your classroom—or assign them for self-study. Students work at their own pace - learning key tools and important techniques.

Customize your course with easy-to-integrate materials

Choose from among a variety of learning modules, establish your own course deliverable due dates, and select the assessment options that work for you.

Well designed rubrics, quizzes and exams

Detailed assessment support with clear scoring rubrics,  quizzes and exams. Assessment difficulty flexibly scales up and down.

Example Training Video

Self Paced. Students have access to 90+ short and informative videos. These allow students from a variety of skill levels to absorb the materials at a pace that works for them!
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David Rahn - Founder BizLaunch University

Dozens of Drag and Drop Themes 

No matter your business idea, BizLaunch provides a variety of beautiful customizable drag and drop themes, no coding required. Build a website and begin testing your business model in minutes instead of months.


Hear what students are saying!

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This program launched us fast - I mean super fast!

"When we learned that we would be using the Lean Startup approach and that we were going to moving fast - we were not sure what to think.  I can say with certainty that the materials in e-Business for Entrepreneurs helped get our business up and running fast! Way faster than we ever expected. We just had our best month ever, earning $92,000. Thanks Professor Dave!“

Mitch Gardner & Rob Richardson

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These tools help you become a serial entrepreneur!

"Professor Dave does an excellent job on guiding us every step of the way. I highly recommend the class to anyone who is interested in starting their own business. Not only are we able to work on our own business, we are able to collaborate with other students in the class and give each other constructive feedback to allow for that constant improvement." Katharina Chui - President Collegiate Entrepreneurship Association (CEA).

Katharina Chui

President Collegiate Entrepreneurship Association


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I field tested my product and got great feedback!

"The course gave me the ability to field test my concept and receive feedback to improve my company. I really appreciated the real time technical support and essential advice that contributed to the success of my business. I highly recommend this course to any serius student entrepreneurs looking to start a company."

Ben Sampson

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