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Congratulations on completing your course! Here are the options for what you can do now:

  1. Portfolio Plan $25/Year. For students who want to save their site to show off as a Portfolio item during interviews, to friends and family, etc. but are not interested in further development at this time. We will keep your site available, but you won't have the ability to edit it. At any time if you would like to upgrade to make your site active you can. Just select the option you desire and we will upgrade you.
  2. Download the Website as a file $25/Per download. For students who want to have a copy of their site in XML format. This can be uploaded to another host in the future. The site on BizLaunch now gets cleared out!
  3. Pro Hosting Option $99/Year. For students who are serious about moving ahead with their project, consider our Pro Hosting options. In order to get this heavily discounted price, students must select this option prior to the end of the semester. Please note that this is an annual plan which is non-refundable.  If you prefer the monthly subscription you can start and stop this at any time for $14.95 per month. There are 3 levels of Pro, each providing more features. The basic Pro hosting gives you access to all the tools you have now, and the same development environment, plus managed website hosting. This plan gives you ongoing access to the course materials, even as we update them, as well as attendance at weekly mastermind meetings. Tech Support levels vary, contact us for details.


Following Spring 2022 we have moved from .global to .com. We are using an even more powerful platform!  Projects from previous semesters can be pulled over for a limited time, along with the purchase of a Pro Plan.  If you would like to continue developing your site and venture,  reach out to us at [email protected] for more information. We will work with you directly to get you squared away!

When you register you provide us with a url, user name and password. In order to login following registration do the following:

go to your url which looks like the following (put in whatever you provided as your site url in place of "yoursite" below):




and this takes you to the login page where you enter your user name and password to login.