"Launch Your Digital Business Next Semester with Confidence - Master the Fundamentals of Digital Entrepreneurship with Our Comprehensive Course!"

Step by step video-based instructions to sell digital or physical goods, run email campaigns, integrate social media, improve SEO, capture analytics, and more! Complements any text book or standalone!

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BizLaunch Overview

Dedicated to helping student entrepreneurs the world over by providing expert

training and high performance hosting at prices students can afford.

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Students need a learning platform where they can have expert teaching, tools that real entrepreneurs use, and excellent hosting.  We're believers in taking a disciplined approach and following lean startup principles - but we also believe that students should have access to professional level tools and a learning platform with high performance.
  • Blazing fast Amazon hosting with browser, page and object caching for fastest speeds from the beginning! Your venture is ready to scale!

  • We've selected top plugins for student training and verified they work together well. Set up a store, run a content based venture, improve search engine optimization, run mail campaigns and perform web analytics.

  • Award winning university level entrepreneurship course included - a complete Digital Entrepreneurship course. Plus advanced classes available!

  • Fully managed WordPress hosting environment; we handle backups, security, monitoring, theme and plugin updates, and more!

  • Network with our private Facebook community of student entrepreneurs! Get feedback on your business venture or on whatever you are trying to accomplish!

Attention Students! Digital entrepreneurship is an exciting and amazing field that combines innovative thinking with technology and business to create new opportunities for success in today's markets of the digital age. We provide you the ability to use market-leading digital tools and platforms to create, market, and sell products and services on a global scale, with very little upfront investment.

Think about it - with digital entrepreneurship, you have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, set your own schedule, and build a business that aligns with your passions and interests. One of my former students moved to Puerto Rico to take advantage of the tax breaks. Another traveled around the world learning Mixed Martial Arts and came home to build his kickboxing gym. Both of these guys are speeding towards greater financial rewards and independence, as well as the ability to make a positive impact on the world through innovative products and services. You could be next!

In our courses, we teach you how to take advantage of all the incredible benefits of digital entrepreneurship! We provide practical strategies and tools for creating and growing a successful digital business. We cover insights into the latest trends and emerging technologies in the field and help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the fast-paced digital marketplace. We stay on top of trends and tools so you don't have to. We provide a comprehensive learning experience in which students become deeply engaged. Students report being truly inspired to become digital entrepreneurs and take advantage of the exciting opportunities that completing this course has to offer.

Don't hesitate another minute. The sooner you get started the faster you will start selling and the earlier you can become a big earner and achieve financial independence.

What You'll Get

You get everything you need to set up your business, create a store, launch your website, develop marketing campaigns, offer lead magnets, improve SEO, compare analytics to improve, and more!

Topic 1/ Introduction & Roadmap

What are we trying to accomplish and what steps will we take to get there? Also learn about how entrepreneurship has changed over time, and why venture capitalists want to see traction - and how you can get traction!

Topic 2/ Strategic Domain Naming

It is important to take a strategic approach to naming your company and products, as well as choosing your domain names. Learn why you should not do name searches on popular hosting company search panels! Learn about the difference between functional and branded names and when to pick each approach. 

Topic 3/ Design Your Site and Pages

Learn how to work with templates as well as rows, columns and modules. Understand the development process. Learn techniques for making pages look good, and understand how the controls work in a similar fashion across all the objects. 

Topic 4/ Introduction to WordPress

Learn why WordPress is a great choice, how it works, and what you can do with it! Learn the difference between Posts and Pages, how to put pictures and documents into and out of the media library. Understand how to lay out menus, and build headers and footers. Big focus here on constructing landing pages for effective conversion!

Topic 5/ Search Engine Optimization

We use the very popular Yoast plugin and discuss how to optimize SEO for both keyword planning and readibility. We cover blogging as well in this lesson and discuss how to think through a strategic plan for blogging content and categories, as well as how to layout a blog. Then we use the blog itself as the driver for the SEO. 

Topic 6/ eCommerce

Learn how to set up your store quickly and easily. Connect to Stripe or PayPal to begin selling immediately! Sell physical products or digital downloads, or a combination of each. Learn techniques for writing sales copy for products. 

Topic 7/ Web Analytics

Learn how to steer your venture by studying your site metrics. How many people come to your site, how long do they stay? What are the most popular pages? Where do customers come from? And more! Metrics like these help you understand which messages are working and which are not.  Steer your venture strategically using this important data!

Topic 8/ Social Media

Understand what the best social platforms are for your venture. Learn how to make a social media plan complete with targets, a publication calendar, how to choose topics, and more!

Topic 9/ Marketing Campaigns

Learn how to choose an appropriate Lead Magnet for your target audience. Get tips on the best tools for building the lead magnet. Understand the funnel process and how to convert customers. Lastly, connect your lead magnet to an email marketing platform, and run marketing campaigns!


BizLaunch has helped a lot of students succeed.

We work hard to provide excellent tools for your venture's success.

  • Rudeegraap

    We have received $54 Million in VC capital for our startup Sendoso! I took this course and then graduated. It was several years later that I hit this big success but I can say for sure this was amazingly helpful. I was hugely inspired plus it helped me learn how to develop a wireframe, work with engineers and work with customers. We're at 200 employees now and growing fast! Thank you BizLaunch for a great start!

    Kris Rudeegraap - Founder of sendoso.com

  • Jon Torres Pic

    We are clurrently earning over $50K per month and still growing! I took the BizLaunch course and loved it! Working through their materials literally launched me on a new path in life - success! Probably the most amazing thing is that these tools are some of the best on the market for professional entrepreneurs! Amazing and awesome, I just left school and continued straight on with these tools.

    Jon Torres - Founder of jontorres.com

  • 526-img1.png

    BizLaunch teaches main street entreps as seriously as high tech entreps. Their materials are excellent and I especially liked ideas I learned like hyperlocal niche. BizLaunch taught me how to do each step to get to selling! I expect to earn close to 25K on my part-time baking business with my specialty "Cake in a Jar!" This has been the most informative course I have ever taken! I learned something new every day.

    Emma Wilson - Inventor of "Cake in a Jar!"

  • nick2-min

    I am so glad my professor at Penn State adopted BizLaunch's course - I am currently selling over $30K per year of spine saving special supports for race car drivers. It is a great niche and BizLaunch showed me how to tap into the niche and own it! Afer class I wanted to keep building business, so when I learned BizLaunch was offering ongoing hosting at student prices - I was very excited. I love how everything is set up on your Starter Site and you just start building!

    Nick Anzalone - Founder of crashpadus.com

Have Questions? We've Got Answers!

These are the most common questions we get. If you have a different one, ask away!

What happens to my site after the semester?

All student sites remain in place for 6 months so students can use them while deciding to continue with their business, or as a portfolio item while interviewing. 

Am I just building a toy business and website that I will throw away when I really get my business running?

No!  As your business grows you will likely hire a developer. Your developer will be delighted with our tools selections and will be able to step right in a be productive. Plus, you will still be able to add marketing content as you please!

How do I get technical support?

We have a Facebook Support group which is a closed private group dedicated to current students.

Where are the student ventures hosted?

All ventures are hosted on blazingly fast Amazon servers!

What tools do we get access to?

We provide market leading WordPress development tools and top rated plugins.  These include page-builders, SEO tools, email marketing tools, and web analytics tools to mention a few.

How extensive is the training for the various aspects of business?

We've been teaching for twenty years and know how to provide enough information to satisfy those who want the basics, as well as plenty of additional information for those looking for a challenge and to go above and beyond. Read the testimonials to see how successful our students are!

Is there hosting after the semester so students can continue with their ventures?

Yes, students can choose our $99 annual hosting which includes all the tools they have access to during the semester. This is an over $500 savings over buying just the tools!

If I get stuck with my business model can I get some help?

Absolutely, one huge benefit of our offering is that you can post anything you want to our private Facebook community and instructors and members will help you out!

What kinds of businesses can I build?

You can support either an online business or a brick and mortar business.  You can sell digital goods, services or products! Take your pick!

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