Introduction to e-Business for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the e-Business for Entrepreneurs course, brought to you by the BizLaunch crew!

This course provides a great way to test a business idea quickly and inexpensively.  If your idea works you are up and running and have a successful online business! If it does not work, you will NOT have invested much time or money, AND you will have learned a lot, which will help you out on your next venture! The key is that using this process we show you will minimize the time and cost spent figuring things out, and these techniques can be applied to future endeavors!

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A great outcome of this course is that once you learn how to work through this process you can see that the process is repeatable over and over again - allowing you to test as many ideas as you want.

We have set this course up as a series of introductions, readings, videos, assignments, and summaries.

Introductions give a brief overview of what is coming and describe the learning objectives for each Topic.

Readings are one or more PDF or PPT files that give you the content you need to know for each Topic area, as well as enough info to accomplish the Assignment.

Videos are typically short, about 3 to 5 minutes, and sometimes cover the Reading material, and they also often cover the technical aspect of the process you are being taught. For example, we provide a very helpful collection of short videos that you can watch at your own pace and follow along to successfully build each part of your business website.

Assignments are designed to give you experience in an important area.  The collection of assignments, taken together, will have you getting a business up and running! The Assignments will require you to understand the material in the Readings and the Videos.

Quizzes you may or may not be assigned quizzes (check with your instructor).  The quizzes are derived from the collection of materials and focus primarily on the Reading and Video material, so quizzes are best attempted after you have absorbed those materials.

Feel free to provide feedback along the way. We have set up a Facebook private group for you to participate in, so that all participants can benefit!  Ask questions as needed.  This provides a neatly organized feedback mechanism for us to assist you.

The Learning Objectives for this course are:

    • Describe the Lean Startup and how it differs from the Business Plan
    • Select an ideation technique, from among several, and develop a business idea
    • Create and present a model of your venture using a Lean Canvas
    • Write a clear value proposition and test its efficacy with potential customers
    • Create a customer interview form, collect interviews, summarize and present what you learned and how your learning caused you to pivot your business
    • Acquire and set up your domain name and business emails
    • Formulate strategic content materials to add to your website
    • Design and Build your business website using WordPress and BizLaunch Builder tools
    • Create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and add it to your venture's website
    • Develop and execute a strategic marketing plan
    • Develop and execute a product launch plan
    • Choose and implement appropriate Social Media platforms
    • Choose and measure important e-Business metrics using web analytics tools
    • Pitch/present your business venture
    • Sell products or services by tabling independently or at Market Day

Theory Corner

The theory behind e-business is the application of digital technologies and the Internet to transform traditional business processes, operations, and customer interactions.

The key theories behind e-business are:

  1. Digital Transformation: E-business leverages digital technologies to transform traditional business processes and operations, enabling organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively.
  2. Customer Centricity: E-business places a strong emphasis on the customer, using digital technologies to provide a seamless and personalized customer experience.
  3. Data-driven: E-business relies on data and analytics to make informed decisions about product development, marketing, and operations.
  4. Global Reach: E-business enables organizations to reach a global audience through the Internet, breaking down traditional geographic barriers and expanding their customer base.
  5. Continuous Innovation: E-business is characterized by continuous innovation, as digital technologies and the Internet are rapidly evolving, and organizations need to continuously adapt and innovate to remain competitive.
  6. Digital Ecosystems: E-business operates within digital ecosystems, which consist of multiple interconnected digital systems and platforms that enable organizations to interact with their customers, partners, and suppliers.

In summary, the theory behind e-business is the application of digital technologies and the Internet to transform traditional business processes, operations, and customer interactions, enabling organizations to operate more efficiently, effectively, and globally, while continuously innovating and leveraging data to make informed decisions.

From all of us at BizLaunch University - Enjoy!