eMarketing – Running Your Campaign

In the recent, previous lessons you set up your landing page, lead magnet, and/or subscription module, and then learned how to set up your Mailchimp campaign and email, and assigned your Audience to the Campaign. You either tested it or ran it as well. At this point, you know enough so you can quickly create email campaigns as needed.

In other words, you can construct and run any desired campaign to drive traffic to your business. You know how to connect your Audience list to your Campaign so that when you run your campaign the email you set up goes out to all those on your Audience list. This is the way to construct a specialized campaign.

For example, perhaps you sell a product, and you want to capitalize on a holiday coming up. You might choose Thanksgiving, Christmas, the 4th of July, or any appropriate special date that is upcoming. You can construct a"Holiday Campaign email" where you develop and send out your holiday special email to all those on the Audience list announcing your special holiday offer, whatever you have decided it should be.

Once the campaign is run, you will want to view the reports available. Read the Topic View Campaign Results.



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