1. Introduction

The Topic covers setting up a store, adding two products, and adding the Store and the Cart to the main menu.

2. Reading

This reading covers how to go through the WooCommerce Wizard and set up your basic storefront.
BizLaunch University's eCommerce Getting Started Guide No Wizard BLU V1.0

3.  Assignment: Introduction to eCommerce - WooCommerce

For this assignment, do the following:

  1. Read the materials under the Reading tab.
  2. Check with your instructor to understand what to turn in so you can properly complete the assignment.
  3. Take the quiz if assigned.
  4. Mark this lesson as complete.

4.  Summary

In this lesson you did the following:

    • Familiarized yourself with eCommerce, specifically the WooCommerce plugin
    • Went through the WooCommerce Home tab and Products link and set up your storefront and products
    • Added the Store and the Cart to your main menu