Web Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to track whose visiting your site, where they are coming from, and what they do when they get there.  It is especially helpful when you run a marketing campaign and want to evaluate changes in traffic from the effort.

Google Analytics is provided by Google so people can track their websites and view the traffic.  This helps users figure out how to improve the products and services which they provide to customers.  There are two ways to use Google Analytics.  The first is to use Google Analytics directly by logging into your account and working with all the features provided. The depth and complexity of the full Google Analytics product is significant and people who work as professional analytics analysts spend many months full time working and learning how to make the most of the Google Analytics platform. The second, and easier way, is to use a plugin to provide information from Google Analytics directly onto your dashboard of your website.  This is the approach we use so you can get up and running with Google analytics as quickly as possible.

This lesson covers how to set up a Google Analytics account and then connect your website to that analytics account.  We use a plugin to help us easily connect your Google Analytics account to your website, and we have already installed and basically set up this account.  All you will need to do, once your account is set up, is run the activation process.  This process takes your Tracking Code and install it on your WordPress site.  This gives you the ability to run Google Analytics right in your WordPress dashboard and provide yourself  an overview of key reports in Google Analytics that you can use to track and monitor your site.

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