Digital Entrepreneurship Architecture

The Digital Entrepreneurship Architecture consists of several layers, beginning with the foundational infrastructure and working its way up to the top layer where customers interact with content via browsers.

Social Media platforms are also included. Your web site should be thought of as the hub and social media as the spokes if the business wheel, as one metaphor for thinking about your business.

The layers include (note that this is a conceptual graphic, the physical depiction could be represented other ways, however we are trying to provide a simplified overview):

Web Hosting: here you have the hosting along with email and also your domain name management. This could be a single vendor or more often it is multiple vendors.

Content Management System: here we have site and page builders. SEO and Keyword tools along with Analytics (as well as other plugins) drive the development of the site.

Interactive Connectors: here we have connected components such as email marketing tools and merchant gateways like PayPal and Stripe. There are other candidates for connectors such as external landing pages, forums, courseware, etc.

Web Site & Content: here we have the actual web interface which conceptually represents the strategy of the business. The venture strategy should be reflected in every page and content element.

Search Engines and Browser Layer: Search engines and customers using browsers access the Web Site content layers.

Social Media: here the web site connects to the appropriate social media platforms. You will be able to provide links from your site to your chosen platforms.

These are the general collection of tools that you will use during the semester as you work your way through the course.


DE Architecture no link

Using the tools provided you will weave your way through the architecture, touching on most of the elements while you complete your course and build out your venture.

  • Acquire and set up your domain name and business emails
  • Formulate strategic content materials to add to your web site
  • Design and Build your business website using WordPress and BizLaunch Builder tools
  • Create a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and add it to your venture's website
  • Develop and execute a strategic marketing plan
  • Develop an eCommerce store and add products to sell
  • Choose and implement appropriate Social Media platforms
  • Choose and measure important e-Business metrics using web analytics tools

After completing the course you will have in your toolkit and repeatable and scalable process along with the tools to implement that process. At any point in the future that you envision a venture you are now able to develop a web presence for that venture in short order.