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Assignment: Registration Process

Follow the Registration Guide. Take the screenshots listed below, put them into a Word file or a Google Doc, and submit them as your assignment.


You are collecting the following screenshots (see detailed instructions in the Registration Guide):

  1. Screenshot #1: Account Page
  2. Screenshot #2: Course Home Page
  3. Screenshot #3: New Site Login Page
  4. Screenshot #4: Dashboard Page

In order to have a smooth registration process, you need to accomplish several tasks, and most importantly understand a few key processes.

  1. First, open a Word file or a Google Doc file. You will use this to put your assignment screenshots into.
  2. Next, register using the documented process following the Registration Guide. Do not bookmark this page - it won't work later.  Instead, bookmark later on, after you have completed the registration process and are on the Dashboard of your site - that will work.
  3. Now submit an assignment of the file type requested by your instructor.
  4. Assignment Complete!
Upon completing this you have now properly registered, navigated to the course materials page, and logged in properly to your new site so you can get off to an excellent start!