1.  Introduction

This topic covers how to set up a Google Analytics account and then connect your website to that analytics account.  We use a plugin to help us easily connect your Google Analytics account to your website, and we have already installed and basically set up this account.  All you will need to do, once your account is set up, is run the activation process.  This process takes your Tracking Code and install it on your WordPress site.  This gives you the ability to run Google Analytics right in your WordPress dashboard and provide yourself  an overview of key reports in Google Analytics that you can use to track and monitor your site.

This video gives some marketing informational background on the ExactMetrics plugin - note that we have already installed if for you.

The Reading contains a basic overview on how to set up and use Google Analytics on your website.  The Assignment is to

  1. Setup a Google Analytics Account and Create a Tracking ID
  2. install Google Analytics Tracking ID on your site by Setting Up the ExactMetrics tool using its Setup Wizard
  3. Take snapshots of your Google Analytics report area on your dashboard (even though it will have little if any data yet) and submit to your instructor
  4. Note that at a later point in time you will collect up analytics information and submit a report which analyzes your site traffic and you make suggestions for improvements. This is done typically after running a marketing campaign.

2.  Reading

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for creating a Google Analytics account with Tracking ID, then connecting your website to Google Analytics using ExactMetrics, and finally, how to locate the reports on your dashboard.

Setting Up Exact Metrics V7 - Copy

3.  Assignment

Important Note: We have already installed the Google Analytics ExactMetrics Plug-in for you. Your assignment for the Lesson is to

  1. Setup a Google Analytics Account and Create a Tracking ID
  2. install Google Analytics via ExactMetrics plugin using the recently created Tracking ID
  3. Take a screenshot of the ExactMetrics Dashboard (on your website's dashboard) and submit to your instructor

Note that at a later point in time when your site has collected sufficient data, you may be asked by your instructor to create a project analytics report. To accomplish this, you could take a picture of each of the reports and provide a short narrative explaining what is happening with each one. Contact your instructor for more detailed instructions.

4.  Summary

In this lesson, you did the following:

    • Created a Google Analytics property ID,
    • Connected the ExactMetrics tool to the Google Analytics ExactMetrics plugin already installed on your website
    • Familiarized yourself with your ExactMetrics Analytics Dashboard on Your Website's Dashboard
    • Discussed any final report requirements with your instructor.