Introduction to WordPress and How to Write a Blog Post

1.  Introduction

This topic covers how to log in and get started with navigating your WordPress site.  You are to do the readings, watch the video, and complete the assignment.

The Learning Objectives for this topic are:

    • Familiarize yourself with how to log in to your WordPress site. This is done by entering and pressing return (where is replaced with your actual domain name and proper extension.) This will take you to the WordPress login panel.  If we provide you with a Username and Password via email then use these credentials.  If you received an automated email from us announcing your site is ready, then you can go to your site by entering and choosing Lost Password, and then getting a new password. 
    • At any point your password does not work, select the Lost Password feature and get a new password.  Be sure to use the email address you used when you emailed the domain name to us. 
    • Become familiar with the back-end and the front-end of WordPress and how to launch BizLaunch Builder.  This is an important distinction to understand so please pay close attention to be sure you understand this as we move ahead.
    • Understand how the Admin Bar functions
    • Understand how the Dashboard functions

2.  Reading

These readings will give you an introduction to WordPress, describe how to log in to your WordPress site, and navigate within the WordPress Admin Bar and Dashboard.

This reading provides an overview of the history of WordPress and describes several important WordPress topics

Introduction to WordPress BLU 2.0 O

This  PowerPoint goes along with the reading Introduction to WordPress.

Introduction to WordPress for Entrepreneurs BLU V5.0

3.  Video

Watch the video How to Build a Blog Post and then build your own!

For the best picture start the video and then enlarge it to full screen by clicking the Full-Screen icon at the bottom right-hand of the video controller!


4.  Assignment

How to Build a Blog Post

Read the following document to get an understanding of how to build a blog post.

Introduction to WordPress Assignment BLU 3.0 Optimized

Read this document to see an example of a blog post for you to consider.

Parsons Example Blog Post Only Optimized



In this topic, you did the following:

    • Familiarized yourself with how to login to your WordPress site
    • Became familiar with the back-end and the front-end
    • Comprehended how the Admin Bar functions
    • Understood how the Dashboard functions
    • Created a New Blog Post