1.  Introduction

In this topic you will learn how to launch the BizLaunch Page Builder, review available templates and select a template for a page.

The Learning Objectives for this lesson topic are:

    • Be able to start and use the BizLaunch Page Builder to review and select templates
    • Know the different categories of templates including
      Landing Pages Templates -
    • Content Templates
    • Template Cloud

2.  Assignment

For this assignment, you learn how to select a template for a page.

In order to do this you will:

    • Log into your WordPress site by navigating to domain.com/wp-admin and entering your credentials.
    • Navigate to the front end and click on the BizLaunch Builder link.
    • Note the Builder Control Panel in the upper right corner of the browser - use this to navigate to the Templates and then select your choice of template from the three types of templates available.


 The three types of templates within the BizLaunch Cloud Template are:

    • Content templates - templates like About Us, Contact, FAQ, Pricing.,
    • Landing Pages templates - templates for various types of organizations or products.
    • Template Cloud - this collection is BizLaunch's way of adding, updating, and increasing the templates we provide on an ongoing basis and includes templates for a variety of business types, etc.


3.  Summary

In this lesson topic, you did the following:

    • Understood how to start BizLaunch Page Builder
    • Familiarized yourself with the pre-built templates available in BizLaunch Page Builder