WordPress and Blogging

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WordPress is easy to use, and one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) available. It is excellent for website development as well as blogging and eCommerce!  In conjunction with the BizLaunch Builder (a specially designed WordPress editor designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs), you will get your site up quickly and manage it effectively.

The Learning Objectives for this lesson are:

    • Understand the History and background of WordPress
    • Understand how to log in to your WordPress site
    • Create pages and posts
    • Add widgets, menus, categories, tags, and comments to your pages

This lesson includes the following topics:

  1. How to Login to Your WordPress Site
  2. Pages and Media
  3. Posts, Categories, Tags, Comments
  4. Widgets and Menus

In order to complete this lesson, do the following for each Topic:

  1. Complete the reading. Readings range in length and they might be PDF, PPT or other document types.  Be sure to take notes from the readings and videos as that will better prepare you for the quiz.
  2. Watch the videos, of which there may be one or more. Most are short, running only a few minutes.
  3. Review and complete the Assignment. Note that some Assignments have tasks associated with them and some Assignments are simply to complete the readings, video, and quizzes.

Below is your WordPress User's Guide for Entrepreneurs, which you can use as a reference manual while you become familiar with WordPress. In each Topic area, there are specific portions of documentation to help you focus on the Topic at hand.

BizLaunch University's WordPress User's Guide for Entrepreneurs R O PDFaid