1. Introduction


Social Media platforms, and their popularity, change continuously.  Your best bet as an entrepreneur is to test, test, test.  In conversations with many entrepreneurs we often hear "I was not happy with our results on platform X so we tested a few others and surprise - they worked well! Essentially we discovered a market segment we had not previously identified."


2. Reading

Social Media Marketing Funnel BLU V2 O


3. Assignment


Your goal is to choose which social media marketing platforms are right for your venture (choose at least two) and then build a social media plan and execute the plan. In order to complete this lesson and assignment, you work through the process outlined in the Social Media Assignment


The Social Media Assignment process basically includes selecting your social media platforms, assessing where you are currently at with your current social media - deciding on your audience, deciding on your content areas, planning your content calendar and release times, and then reviewing your results and adjusting your plan to improve!

Steps in the assignment

        1. Download the assignment document here: Social-Media-Plan-Assignment-BLU-V2.0


        1. Work through the Social Media assignment document steps and enter information into each section


        1. Track your results for the remainder of the semester or as long as your instructor requests, and then turn in your report to your instructor, following the guidelines in the provided document as well as any adjustments your instructor has requested.





4. Summary


In this lesson you have explored social media as a marketing channel for your company and product. You have learned about the demographics of each of the major platforms which are important to your business, and selected those you think will be the best tests for raising awareness for your product.


You've read some student driven case studies and learned to develop a social media plan, execute it, measure the results, and then refine it for a subsequent round.  You have discovered how to market your product more effectively using social media.