This section includes several real-world social media case studies, three of which are student stories giving a perspecitve of using social media at the compete startup phase. See how each of these companies discovers their best approach for leveraging social media as part of their marketing strategy.

1.  This first one is White Tie Fantasy a fantasy sports league business. Julie Finn, a BizLaunch social media specialist, wrote this based on her experience working as the social media expert at White Tie Fantasy.  It is an excellent example of how a company figures out what the right social media platforms are, and then improved their results by focusing on measuring and improving engagement over time.

White Tie Fantasy Case Study BLU V1.1 O

2.  This next one is by Ben Sampson, who founded SoulID, an extreme sports enthusiast company. Ben drove awareness for his company largely using Instagram.
Case Study Soul id BLU V1.0 R

3. This final case study is by Josh Pitts, aka dogguyjosh and his story encompasses social media with a kickstarter twist.
Lean Crowdfunding Case Study BLU V1.0 R