After Running Your Campaign

Congratulations, you have run a campaign! Now it is time to review the results.

View a report

To view a report for an individual email campaign, follow these steps.

  1. Click Campaigns.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. If you have more than one audience, click the Current audience drop-down and choose the one you want to work with.
    dropdown-campaigns-marketingcalendar-currentaudience drop-down
  4. On the Campaigns tab, find the email you want to work with and click View Report.

About your report

When you open your report, you’ll see an overview of your results as well as additional tabs and menus with more details about specific campaign activity.


The Overview provides a summary of campaign performance: who received the campaign, when they opened it, what links they clicked, how many successful deliveries were made, and other information.

Here’s what you’ll see in your overview.

  • Recipients
    The number of contacts the campaign was sent to.
  • Audience
    Which audience the recipients belong to.
  • Subject
    The subject line of your email.
  • Delivered
    The date and time the campaign completed sending from Mailchimp servers.
  • Orders
    The number of orders made from your campaign.
  • Average order revenue
    The average amount of revenue from each order made from your campaign.
  • Total order revenue
    The total amount of revenue earned from your campaign.
  • Click Performance
    This section includes a list of the URLs that were clicked the most in the campaign.
  • Open rate
    The percentage of successfully delivered campaigns that registered as open. We also show the average open rate for your audience. If your report includes campaign benchmarking, this information will appear there instead.
  • Click rate
    The percentage of successfully delivered campaigns that registered a click. We also show the average click rate for your audience. If your report includes campaign benchmarking, this information will appear there instead.
  • Opened
    The number of recipients who opened this campaign any number of times.
  • Clicked
    The number of recipients who clicked any tracked link any number of times in this campaign.
  • Bounced
    The number of recipients who registered as a hard or soft bounce.
  • Unsubscribed
    The number of recipients who opted out of your emails using the unsubscribe link in this campaign.
  • Total opens
    The total number of times the campaign was opened by recipients. This count includes multiple opens from individual recipients.
  • Successful Deliveries
    The number of recipients who didn't hard or soft bounce on this campaign.
  • Clicks per unique opens
    The percentage of recipients who registered as an open who also clicked a link in your campaign.
  • Total clicks
    The total number of times tracked links were clicked by recipients. This count includes multiple clicks from individual recipients
  • Forwarded
    The number of times the campaign was forwarded using the Forward to a Friend form. This stat considers forwards only through the Forward to a Friend form and is not able to detect when a recipient uses the forwarding function in their email program.
  • Forwarded opens
    The number of times the campaign was opened by someone who has forwarded the campaign using a Forward to a Friend form.
  • Abuse reports
    The number of recipients who reported your email as spam. Contacts who report a campaign as spam are automatically unsubscribed from your emails.
  • Last Opened
    The most recent instance of a recipient opening the campaign.
  • Last clicked
    The most recent instance of a recipient clicking a tracked link in the campaign.
  • 24-hour performance
    A graph detailing the recipient opens and clicks for the first 24 hours after the campaign was sent.
  • Subscribers with the most opens
    The recipients who opened the campaign the most times.
  • Social performance
    Provides a bird's-eye view of how well your campaign is doing across different social media outlets.
  • Top locations
    Uses geolocation to display where in the world your recipients are opening your campaigns.


The Activity menu lets you drill down further into campaign results. Choose one of the Activity menu options to view or export a segment of recipients who interacted with your campaign in a specific way, such as opened, clicked, bounced, or unsubscribed.

Click Performance

The Click Performance tab gives you a better idea of how well each tracked URL performed in the campaign. You'll find a list of the tracked URLs from your campaign and the number of total and unique clicks for each one.


Content Optimizer

Use the Content Optimizer to get feedback on how your email measures up against email best practices. This information can help you build better emails that can improve the engagement you have with your audience.


The Social tab reveals who liked your campaign on Facebook, a list of the top influencers and referrers for the campaign, and a map of clicks from across the globe.


The E-commerce tab provides a breakdown of each recipient’s purchases, so you can quickly identify who bought what after opening your campaign. If your campaign includes products from multiple connected stores, you can filter the purchase data by each store.

Learn more about purchase data in email reports.


The Inbox tab opens your Mailchimp Inbox, so you can view and respond to replies from your contacts. To learn more about this feature, check out Set Up Your Mailchimp Inbox.


The Analytics360 tab displays Google Analytics data when applicable, as well as integration statistics from services like Eventbrite and SurveyMonkey. We also show a breakdown of the top email domains for your recipients on the Email domain performance chart.

Troubleshooting reports

If your campaign results seem incorrect, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Emails can sometimes take a while to send and be received by all the ISPs and incoming servers.
  • Open and click tracking must be turned on for those stats to populate.
  • For an open to be tracked, the recipient needs to enable image viewing in their own email account or click a tracked link in the campaign.
  • If the majority of your recipients are at the same domain, it's possible the domain admin may be quarantining the message in their incoming spam filter.
  • Do you have any abuse complaints? When someone reports your email as spam, they are automatically unsubscribed.
  • The unsubscribe confirmation email includes a link to sign back up. When someone uses this link to re-subscribe, we don’t count the unsubscribe in your campaign report.
  • Some email programs may cause the unsubscribe link to send recipients to the unsubscribe form, instead of unsubscribing them automatically. These unsubscribes are not counted in your campaign report.