1.  Introduction

This topic provides an exercise in Ideation.  There is a special focus on this form of ideation as it relates to the Lean Startup.  The essential idea is that if you can find an opportunity that stems from people, groups, or activities you have been involved with previously, you will have instant authority and credibility. Obviously the more deeply involved you have been - the more credibility and authority you immediately command.

This is a popular approach to ideation and a worthwhile exercise as well. Knowing this process will help you understand how to ideate this way in the future, and you will always be aware of this as an opportunity generator.

2.  Reading

Reading Step 1: Review the PPT Lists, lists, and more lists!

1. Ideation Exercise PPT Presentation BLUI 1.0 O

Reading Step 2 - Preview the assignment online

3.  Video

There is no video for this assignment.

4.  Assignment

  1. Review the Powerpoint: Lists, lists, more lists.
  2. Preview the online assignment.
  3. Download the form and complete the assignment.
  4. Take the quiz if assigned by your instructor and if available.
  5. Mark the assignment "Complete."


Download the form and complete the assignment

Turn in: Using the Word file provided, create and turn in the work associated with the exercise.

Download this link to fill out your form.
1.-Lab-Exercise-Form-Ideation-Lists-Lists-and-More-Lists-BLU-v3.0 Lab Exercise Form - Ideation Lists, Lists and More Lists BLU v3.0

5. Summary

You have learned a valuable way to identify a potential business in which you already have authority and credibility.  By identifying a group you have previously been successful with, you can more easily move toward providing a solution for one of their problems.

Congratulations you have completed the first Lesson!