Creating the MVP

1.  Introduction

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can provide customers with a prototype, explanation, or even a basic version of your product that allows you to learn a great deal about the customer fit as well as what your next steps are with product development.

2. Reading

1. A PowerPoint showing the variety of MVPs that an entrepreneur can consider.



2. A reading describing some examples of companies engineering successful MVPs.

MVP Examples O


3.  Appendix with a growing list of interesting Explainer Videos

3.1 Dollar Shave Club - Hilarious and compelling.

3.2 Pinterest - A great example of an animation explainer video

3.3 ScaleArc iDB - Example of using animation to explain an otherwise difficult to understand technical concept

3.4 Tonx Coffee - Tells a nice story of how fresh roasted coffee beans delivered to your door makes for a great start to the day


3.  Video


This video covers the PPT presentation on MVP.


4.  Assignment


    • Check with your instructor to see if there is a specific MVP type assigned.


    • If there is not an assigned MVP type, then decide on your MVP and construct it. Remember, it may be a PPT, Video, Survey Form from which you provide analysis on the back end, all the way to a simple prototype created by one of your engineering associates.


    • Mark this lesson as complete.



5.  Summary

In this lesson your familiarized yourself with the MVP concept and built your MVP.