1. Introduction


Now that you have completed the Lean Canvas Business Model, it is time to test out the idea! We use an approach that helps you get at really understanding the problem that your prospects face as it relates to your proposed Value Proposition.

The main goal is to determine if you can get interviews with people who might use your product without telling them upfront about your product.  People are notorious for saying they love a product idea, but then when it comes time to buy it, they don't actually want it.  So the approach is to interview people so you can deeply understand the problem - and most importantly determine if people are motivated to solve the problem!  At the end of the interview, If they are motivated to solve the problem, then you can start to talk to them about your product, how it might work and what it might be worth, etc.

The Learning Objectives for this topic are:

    • Understand the customer interview philosophy
    • Design the customer interview form
    • Effectively carry out customer interviews
    • Reflect on and improve customer interview skills
    • Reflect on and improve your questionnaire design skills


2. Reading

This reading discusses the philosophy around customer development and provides examples.

BizLaunch University's Customer Development Philosophy Guide - BLU V3.0

This PowerPoint pulls together both topics, customer interviewing philosophy and questionnaire design into a single presentation.

Customer Development Philosophy BLU V3.0