Customer Interviewing Process

1. Introduction

In this section you will effectively carry out your customer interviews, reflect on and improve your customer questionnaire design skills, reflect on and improve your customer interview skills.

2. Reading

This reading gives some details on how to implement your customer interview.

Customer-Interview Design BLU V3.0

3. Assignment

The assignment for this lesson is to

    • Design an interview form and interview a reasonable number of prospects, usually about 30. This varies with the type of business however, and it may be more or less.


    • Mark the assignment as complete


Download the Word file to use as a guide for completing the assignment.

4. Summary

In this lesson you tested out your business idea and did the following:

    • Reviewed the customer interview philosophy


    • Designed and built your customer questions


    • Conducted a customer interview


    • Evaluated how to improve the interview questions, interview process (your skill) and improve your product.