Developing the Lean Canvas

1. Introduction

The Lean Startup Canvas is a better alternative for entrepreneurs developing a business model. This is because it contains elements for Problem and Solution, which are not covered in the traditional Business Model Canvas. The traditional Business Model Canvas was designed originally for large corporations and many feel it is best suited for that environment. The Lean Startup canvas was designed by Ash Maurya.

The Learning Objectives for this topic are:

    • Draft a Lean Startup Canvas for your business
    • Identify the assumptions in your Lean Startup Canvas
    • Devise tests for the assumptions


2. Reading

In this reading, you are provided with information on how to fill out your Lean Canvas and very importantly how to think about your Unfair Advantage.

How to Document Your Lean Canvas Business Model BLU V1.0


3. Video

This video has Ash Maurya, inventor of the Lean Canvas, discussing how to fill out the Lean Canvas.


4. Assignment

In this assignment do the following:

  1. Download the PowerPoint template. Lean Canvas Template
  2. Create your Lean Canvas.
  3. Take the quiz. (If there is not a quiz below then one has not been assigned for you here.)
  4. Mark the assignment as complete.


5. Summary

In this topic, you learned about the Lean Canvas, a modified version of the Business Canvas. The Lean canvas has some elements that are specialized for entrepreneurs running a lean startup. It captures the essential elements in your early idea and then you review it to determine which elements have the most risk. Once the risk is identified you can pursue the tasks needed to reduce or eliminate the risk.

Going through the process of actually filling out the Lean canvas helps entrepreneurs think through the important concepts in their business.